25 Temmuz 2010 Pazar

son günlerin özeti

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  1. hi sernuetta!
    I like so much your work!
    I don´t know if you remember me but, I have a new blog!
    see you!

  2. hi,
    of course i remember you:)
    thank you so much see you!

  3. hi sernuetta! I know that it will seam very strange... but myARTandMe is my twin sister :)
    and she told me about your job and I really like it ^^ I am studying arts in murcia, spain and I want to know, do you make yours draws by computer of by hand? well I leave you here the link of my blog if you want to visit it
    see you!

  4. hi veronica, twin sisters...:)
    that's really nice to meet you:)
    i went to many countries, but i did not see spain yet. i wonder...
    thank you. sometimes i draw first by hand, but
    sometimes completely i draw it on photoshop.
    i've just checked your blog:) and i'm following you.
    see you!

  5. güldüm hem de çok hoş. Allah güç kuvvet versin